March 18, 2010

M.  A n j a l i  S a s t r y

Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

to reach me
+1.617.253.0965 voice (sorry no voicemail)
+1.617.258.7579 fax
sastry at mit dot edu
office hours page to sign up for a time to talk
E53-329, 30 Wadsworth Street, Cambridge MA 02142

I’m interested in global health delivery. Check out my blog on improving health delivery in resource-limited settings. I discuss ideas related to the practical, operational, managerial, and systems aspects of getting healthcare to the people who most need it.

From 2008, I taught an MBA course called G-Lab: Global Health Delivery. The course pairs classroom learning and interaction with a semester-long project that partners student teams with organizations in sub-Saharan Africa on the front lines of delivering healthcare. After a semester at MIT, students spend January on site developing and delivering a practical solution for their partner organizations. Our class blog includes updates on projects as well as course-related material. Thanks to the Global Health Delivery Project for partnering with and educating us and to MIT Sloan’s amazing supporters for making it possible.

In February 2010, I developed a new effort to put MIT to work for Haiti relief and reconstruction. See our new and evolving Haiti blog with posts from the team, including students from across MIT and elsewhere and colleagues at the Center for Logistics and Transportation. Also, visit the site for information on globalhealth @MIT brown bag talks, events, an innovative student fellowship LiGHTs, and more.

I teach in the System Dynamics area and post occasionally on system dynamics. I have also spent much of the past decade learning about and running many educational experiments to help our students get even better at managing and leading effectively. See praxis, my old blog on this topic. And stay tuned for new material to come.

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